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.... maybe the second? third?
Welcome for the beer!
How you preferr better.... in a noisy company of friends, with business partners, with your second half - does not matter, because in the
U Dvou Pánů restaurant beer is always flowing like a river. The interior of the restaurant allows you to stay apart from the noisy city, discuss important matters with your colleagues, and cool down with a fresh beer on a hot day on our terrace. Convenient location of the restaurant in the center of Prague, near the Palladium shopping center and Na Prikope street, will let you take a break from shopping or stop by for a quick lunch.

But back to the beer. In addition to the classic Staropramen draft, you can choose from over 50 varieties of rare and unusual beers from all over the Czech Republic. Blueberry lounger from the Cherna Hora city, or top-fermented dark beer from the city of Nachod, or special rye beer from the city of Trebon.

We took care of non-alcoholic beer lovers. Classic Birell or non-alcoholic plum beer from the city of Humpolec.

Don`t waste time talking and choosing a restaurant, everyone will find a beer that he likes and even non-alcoholic in our restaurant:)

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